New Round is now OPENED!!!! Buy 5 get 1 FREE!! Insert Restock of cotton bamboo with awj & NEW Hemp w Awj!! OS Pockets, Newborn AIO, XL pockets & HW AIO 2.0 all with AWJ & Trainers 30-55lbs with cotton inner. Pods & wetbags too!

Collection: Preorder #27 Heavy Wetter AIO 2.0

  • ST OS HW AIO 2.0 features 11 total layers of charcoal bamboo goodness. 
  • 6 layers sewn inside & 5 layers snap on insert.
  • The Absorbency of this diaper makes this a great choice for overnights, long trips or even day use for your heavy wetter.
  • This is a ST Custom print so get them while they last as they are limited quantities.
  • Seamless images mean that bum placements will vary. 

  • Preorder has ETA Late September 2022
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